I know such situations well

As a certified senior coach (DBVC/IOBC) and experienced management advisor, I have been assisting executives in key positions for about ten years. Whether it's successfully navigating your new position (Leadership Transition) or confidently managing specific situations in your professional position and your individual professional development (Leadership Mastery) - I'm here for you!


After about two decades in leadership roles, I am very familiar with managing professionally and personally challenging situations in key positions. With responsibility for various corporate functions, I have reported directly to top management: both in head office and from branch offices, both in Germany and abroad, in line and project, in different market phases from growth to turnaround and also in phases of radical internal transformation.


Difficult entry into the port of Hamburg: Good positioning, clear orientation and strong navigation are essential!

I am at your side

In these situations, I have also benefited from experienced business coaches and consultants who have accompanied me - whether in challenging leadership situations "in the rough and tumble" or in preparing and launching into new leadership roles: for "the first 100 days" on board.


About ten years ago, I decided to offer my extensive experience and expertise to leaders like you as a business coach and advisor. What drives me? I would like to support you in successfully shaping your demanding role in key positions as well as in developing an individual style that suits you.


My approach is based on the transparent use of well-founded and situationally appropriate concepts and strategies that have proven themselves in the concrete as well as substantial solution of personal and also organizational problems.


I offer you a cooperation based on partnership and trust, in which you can use my extensive management experience and my well-founded consulting competence to get inspiring new impulses, to make wise decisions according to the situation and to strengthen your resources effectively.

Individual coaching: You are in the lead - I accompany you professionally and in a spirit of partnership

In my experience, individual coaching tailored to your personal needs is the best choice in your situation. Because you need individually and concretely suitable answers.


At your level, professional coaching is common - but it is rarely offered to you. The initiative is usually expected from you. That's why my recommendation is: Talk to your manager or your HR department about it. Most of the time it will be approved without much effort.



My offer for you:


Step by step - the first 100 days


I accompany you on your way of a successful preparation for your new task and during the very crucial initial period: so that you take over your new position well prepared with the right Equipment. And so that you have already set the right sails in the first 100 days and are clearly on course.

Juggling many issues: clear focus on the important goals in the current situation


We set a clear focus on the goals that are important to you, the particular requirements of your current situation and areas of action that are important to you. We clarify this together at the beginning for your customized coaching process: so that you stay well on course with clear orientation! 

Our cooperation begins with a non-binding, free initial consultation - online or by phone.
I look forward to talking with you!

"We can't change the wind, but we can set the sails differently."



Dr. Christof Domrös

Flemingstr. 4

22299 Hamburg

+49 40 39 89 44 40

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