Confident leadership in the sandwich position



Do you want to optimally prepare yourself for your new management position?


Do you want to master specific challenges in your day-to-day management work? 



Leadership coaching for confident leadership

As a manager in a sandwich position, you are often faced with these or similar situations - especially the higher you climb in the hierarchy:

  • You want to change something - and you are confronted with conflicting expectations from your superiors and teams.
  • You offer constructive cooperation at your level - and you experience silo thinking and tactics
  • You want clear decisions - and you find yourself in unresolvable and contradictory areas of tension
  • You want more focus on what is important - and you often find it hard to get to what is urgent under time pressure.
  • You don't want to bend - and you find yourself balancing work and private life again and again.

You are in an important key role - full of opportunities and demanding at the same time. And both you and your organisation have a vested interest in confident leadership and your success. But it can be lonely there, as there are hardly any neutral peers for you in the organisation. A good reason for leadership coaching!


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My offer for you: Leadership coaching for sandwich positions - our partnership for confident leadership

Whether it's about successfully navigating your new position or confidently managing specific situations in your key role - I'm here for you!


I offer you individually tailored one-to-one coaching for this purpose: it is about concrete answers for your specific situation and for you personally.



What you can expect from leadership coaching

  • Inspiring ideas and new perspectives from outside
  • confronting and encouraging feedback
  • concrete and realistic strategic options
  • wise and situationally appropriate decisions
  • realisable practical impulses for action
  • greater awareness, presence and effectiveness 
  • more serenity, satisfaction and energy

We meet in Hamburg or online - and are therefore flexible in terms of location and time.


Find out whether I am the right coach for you


Find out whether I am the right coach for you in a free and non-binding initial consultation.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Confident leadership in the sandwich position: I know what I'm talking about

  • Around two decades of experience as a manager in sandwich positions, responsible for various corporate functions with a direct reporting line to top management
  • Experienced management advisor and business coach for executives for around ten years (certified senior coach DBVC/IOBC, the leading association in German-speaking countries focusing on business coaching and leadership)


In my coaching practice, I use well-founded concepts and strategies that are appropriate for your situation. These have proven effective in the concrete and substantial solution of personal and also organisational problems in practice.


My approach is based on partnership, professionalism and humour with heart and mind.


Certified Senior Coach IOBC
Certified Senior Coach DBVC
Certified TA-Berater DGTA and EATA

Leadership coaching for sandwich positions: What is your focus?

Step by step - the first 100 days


I will accompany you on the path to successful preparation for your new position and during the important initial period: so that you start your new role well equipped. And so that you are already well oriented and clearly on course, have your team on board and quickly pick up speed together. And so that you navigate as safely as possible between shoals and cliffs and even in stormy phases.

Juggling many issues: clear focus on the important goals in the current situation

Staying confident in leadership: LEADERSHIP MASTERY COACHING

We set a clear focus on the topics that are important to you, on the specific requirements of your current situation and on how you can position yourself effectively - confidently and without bending over backwards. At the beginning, we clarify together the focus and the type of collaboration for your individual coaching process: so that you stay on course with clear orientation and well equipped!


Arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation now.
I look forward to meeting you!

"We can't change the wind, but we can set the sails differently."



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DGTA - Zertifizierter TA-Berater

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