Leadership And Cooperation


    Perform With Effect

  • Professionally perform your current management role
  • Develop your own style of leadership
  • Understand status and power games and how to use your own resources
  • Decrypt conflictual situations  and effectively manage them
  • Adequately deal with management situations of dilemma  and contradiction 
  • Manage intercultural and / or virtual teams

    Perform Without Hierarchy

   Manage situations of missing or weak hierarchical means (so-called lateral), e.g.:

  • Work-sharing management teams (market and central functions)
  • Matrix organizations and co-lines
  • Project teams, networks, self-organization

     Keep the Lead in Crisis And Radical Changes

  • Develop effective management behavior appropriate to the respective situation
  • Create and effectively fulfill your own role in managing crisis and radical change
  • Preserve leadership and performance in crisis and radical change


Position Change And Repositioning

Successfully assume a new leadership position or role with new requirements in the role (Leadership Transition  Coaching, On-Boarding), e.g. in between:

  • Market function - Control function - Service function
  • Head - region / mother - daughter
  • Growth - Restructuring
  • Different business cultures: v.a. Scandinavia - Germany


(New) Orientation And Self-Management

  • Decisions on one's own medium to long-term objectives and professional future
  • Emotional and personal resilience in critical situations, e.g. radical change