Individual Focus: Your Self-Management Capabilities

  • You can get to the bottom of your issues in a confidential and independent framework.
  • It is about developing your own capabilities, about new perspectives and options for action, and not simply adopting recipes.


Professional Focus: Your Role Capabilities

  • Our work aims to strengthen your decision-making and action skills in your work situation and for your professional role.
  • In addition, it is about developing your professional identity regardless of the current situation and organization, which supports you in the further development of your role and role capabilities.


Methodical Variety With Coaching, Sparring And Consulting

  • My role is either to be your
    • coach who gives you openminded and constructive feedback
    • sparring partner who supports your preparations for a specific case
    • consultant who develops new options for action with you
  • The decisive factor is always which of these roles will be of greatest benefit to you in your situation - and I will always make it transparent to you which role I am currently taking.


Realistic Implementation Within Conflicts And Power Dynamics

  • A good preparation and support for your implementation steps I consider to be critical for your success - in return we anticipate reactions from the actors in your organizational environment, and in particular resistance and conflicts
  • I will be supporting you in the preparation of your communication and your behavior up to effective, responsible strategies for expected power dynamics