YOUR DEMAND: What is your issue?




Goals and solutions

  • strategically design and develop one's own field of action
  • remain focused and effective in the diversity of daily demands
  • to meet contradictory and unclear expectations in a professional way
  • decide wisely with reflected use of analytics and intuition 

Contact and collaboration

  • achieving clear orientation and joint commitment even in the face of conflicting goals
  • understanding the dynamics of one's own organisation and providing helpful framework conditions
  • be effective beyond hierarchical position and means
  • lead in the digital space and at a local distance

Process and dynamics

  • understanding conflicts, making them usable and clarifying them
  • lead and organize between flexibility and stability
  • mastering the interplay between leading and being led
  • Taking on new positions and roles professionally and successfully


PERSONAL MASTERY: Self-leadership & Self-management


Identity and autonomy

  • developing personal-professional identity
  • strengthening inner independence and steadfastness
  • recognising and changing inhibiting emotional patterns
  • navigate professionally in one's own role conflicts

Contact and interaction

  • develop an individual style appropriate to the situation
  • reflect on one's own impact and increase one's effectiveness
  • use power responsibly as a means of exerting influence
  • develop trusting professional relationships

Process and development

  • establish helpful behaviour and routines in a new and sustainable way
  • deal with stressful demands such as high pressure of expectations
  • Reflect on and develop one's own personality
  • reorienting oneself professionally


MY PROFILE: What do I offer you?


After some twenty years in senior management positions and since 2014 as a consultant for executives, I know the professional and personal challenges associated with key positions. I know the expectations to meet extremely ambitious goals, to permanently deliver even better results and to find convincing solutions for increasingly time-critical problems. I also know that everyday life is often characterized by contradictory demands, permanent change, and diverse and unavoidable role conflicts and often also tactical and strategic status games and conflict dynamics, which becomes more pronounced the further one has advanced in the hierarchy. - And how important for all this is a reflected and clear and effective and stable positioning.


ADVISORY EXPERIENCE: Management Advisor and Business Coach since 2014

  • certified "Systemic Coach" (recognized by DBVC/EASC)
  • certified "Transaction Analytic Advisor" and Member of DGTA/EATA o Certified consultant "Reflector Big Five Personality"
  • lectureship, Leuphana University at Lüneburg, since 2016


LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Longterm experience in upper management positions

  • working and living abroad (Scandinavia / Copenhagen and USA / New York) as Regional Head and with internationally distributed teams and intercultural topics
  • responsibility for various corporate functions as Global Head (controlling, finance, branch management, restructuring)
  • leadership positions within large scale projects (mission statement, strategy, management, reorganization, merger, spin-off)

OUR APPROACH: What is it about?


Concrete and sustainable focus

  • The focus is both on what you need concretely and immediately to cope with your current situation, and on what will bring you the greatest benefit in the long term. You can then approach current as well as future problem situations from a clarified and strengthened position.
  • Often it is not just about changes in behavior, but the constructive questioning and clarification of what underlies your concerns. Reflecting on "blind spots" and changing unhelpful patterns, whether cognitive, emotional or in action, enables changes and solutions that don't require more effort, but make things easier for you in the long term.
  • I know "proven" standard approaches and observe current trends - but you won't get universally valid ones from me and I don't blindly follow the latest management fads. With a focus on customer benefit, I closely follow current developments in business and society and in the consulting market and continue to professionalize myself for your consulting needs. Also important to me is a consulting practice that is continuously reflected and enriched with impulses and feedback.


Situationally optimal use of coaching, consulting and sparring

  • As a coach, I support you in further developing what makes you special and successful. At the same time, I support you in discovering your so far unused resources, in further developing your competencies and thus in expanding the scope of action for yourself and your company.
  • If either the concrete management of acute, critical issues is urgent or strategic or organizational questions are at hand, as a consultant I will also provide you with content-related impulses in the development of ideas and solution concepts.
  • And when it comes to implementation, I also support you as a sparring partner in preparing and practicing concrete situations.


Effective implementation in conflicts and power dynamics

  • For a successful change I consider a good preparation for reactions of your organizational environment essential.
  • I guide you in preparing your communication and behavior to effective and responsible strategies for expected dynamics.
  • If resistance to change and conflicts between roles and organizational units are expected to trigger substantial destructive dynamics, I advise you on whether and which further steps involving stakeholders, such as team coaching and conflict moderation, are appropriate.


OUR FORMATS: How do we work together?

  • Individual Coaching (presence / video / fon)
  • Team Coaching and Team Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Or is there another format you prefer?